Effective Rug Repair and Restoration in Westchester

Rugs are definitely beautiful. They also hold a lot of value in most cases. You are probably very fond of your rugs, whether they are in use or just stored away. This is why you are probably pondering the idea of repairing or restoring your rugs to their former glory. The passing of time can seriously deteriorate a rug, as you can surely imagine. Fortunately, our professionals can repair or restore almost any rug and they are one phone call away: 914-888-1304.

To make sure your rugs are in perfect condition, you need our help. Persian Rug Cleaning Westchester offers exceptional rug repair and rug restoration services. We are here to help you with everything you need from A to Z. Our experts have extensive experience repairing and restoring all kinds of rugs. The type of rug, the size, the shape, or the extent of the damage doesn't matter much.

Affordable Rug Restoration and Repair in Westchester

Why would you pay a small fortune to repair or restore your favorite rug? We realize that most of our competitors will gladly charge you three times what it's worth to repair a couple of minor tears or holes. If you need to do more complex repairs, the price tag can be unbelievable. But rug restoration doesn't have to be so expensive!

Persian Rug Cleaning Westchester is the company where you will always be able to find affordable prices. We are locally owned and operated. We care about our clients. Our services are top notch. And we have some good news: our prices are as low as they can be. The quality of our services and our fair prices quickly propelled us to the top. You can rely on us for any kind of repairs.

Comprehensive List of Rug Repairs and Restorations

Because we have some of the best professionals in Westchester, we are able to provide our clients with a wide array of repair and restoration services. We are able to breathe new life into any rug, no matter how damaged it may be. However, keep in mind that we can't do wonders. The specifics will be discussed only after we get the chance to inspect the item.

Our amazing rug repair services include:



Rippling and buckling

Fringe attachment

Patching tears, small holes and rips

Edge fraying


Fuzzing and shredding

And many more

Our reliable rug restoration services include:

Fade correction

Fringe detailing

Fringe replacement

Coloring services

Water or fire damage

Hem stitching

Large holes and tears

Moth damage


And many more


Your Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee

Are you worried that repairing or restoring your rug may cost you a small fortune? Or perhaps you are just worried that you can't find an experienced professional that can guarantee the quality of his work. In this case, it's clear you haven't given Persian Rug Cleaning Westchester a try. Our rug repair experts are simply amazing. We guarantee your complete satisfaction and we can vouch for the quality of our experts' work. Remember, we always keep our promises. If we say we can repair or restore the rug, we will get it done.

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